My Journey

My love of anatomy and movement culminated with a degree in Biological Sciences. My pursuit of physical fitness was challenged in my mid-thirties by a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. This diagnosis caused me to change my perception of strength and fitness. I had to relearn movements and create lifestyle changes that would support a chronic disease that affects joints.I was introduced to yoga several times before it truly impacted my life and way of thinking. I witnessed firsthand the changes yoga made to my body and mind. As my practice deepened I began to connect with my spirituality. I began to structure and design my practice with awareness of mind, body, and spirit.

The result was a flowing Vinyasa based practice that moves like a dance and celebrates anatomical form. I often use music as a tool to influence the direction, tone, and pace of my practice. This allows the creation of unique and playful sequencing that changes based on my environment, mood or intention. I believe in evolutionary sequences that constantly challenge and train the body. I place emphasis on the level of focus required to stay engaged in a pose and utilize varied breathing pranayama techniques in my practice.Slowly with dedicated yoga practice I grew stronger. Today I feel stronger than I was before my diagnosis. Yoga is a journey. I am excited to continue this journey as a yoga instructor. I want to help others overcome doubt to challenge, train, and define their bodies and minds.  I focus on safe practices that stay within proper alignment, increased flexibility, and range of motion.I would love to assist you on your journey.